Jobless Claims Drop To New Low As Biden Economy Continues To Strengthen

The number of jobless claimed reached a new pandemic low as fewer people are losing their jobs and more job openings are being filled.

Steven Rattner tweeted a chart showing the strengthening economy:

Republicans have been painting a picture of economic gloom and doom because that is what they need in order to be successful in next year’s midterm elections. The reality is that the economy is picking up steam. The job losses appear to be behind the nation and the challenge now is to get people back to work while creating new jobs that will help the economy grow even more.

The full impact of the Biden stimulus hasn’t arrived yet, and the President’s jobs and infrastructure bill could fuel an economic boom the likes of which hasn’t been seen in decades.

The previous president had the economy entering a recession before COVID-19. Joe Biden is living up to his campaign slogan to build back better.

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