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Kevin McCarthy Nervously Cuts Off Question When Asked If He Would Testify About Call With Trump

Kevin McCarthy cut off the conversation and only gave a one-word answer when asked if he would testify about his 1/6 call with Trump.


CNN‘s Manu Raju asked, “Would you be willing to testify about your conversation with Donald Trump on January 6th if you were asked by an outside commission?”


McCarthy answered, “Sure. Next question.”

Raju followed up, “You would?”

McCarthy did not respond.

Kevin McCarthy is opposing the 1/6 Commission because he is trying to hide something. If McCarthy really had nothing to hide or information that painted Trump and Republicans in a good light, he would support the commission and volunteer to testify.

The fact that he offered a one-word answer then cut off the questioning should tell the American

people all that they need to know about McCarthy’s guilt and ability to implicate Donald Trump.

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