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Ted Cruz Calls The Military Pansies As Biden Honors Their Service

Sen. Ted Cruz blamed the left for turning the military into “pansies” after President Biden honored their service.

Cruz tweeted:

Cruz tweeted a video that claimed the US military is weak because of women, gay, and transgender persons serving, which was the basis for his claim that the left is turning the military into “pansies.”

The women, gay, and trans individuals who put on the uniform each day are doing something Cruz never did. They are risking their lives and serving their country.

Ted Cruz allowed Trump to insult his wife, father, and family, and his response was to do nothing.

Sen. Cruz thinks that by engaging in this 1990s culture war nonsense, he is punching his ticket to the 2024 Republican nomination, but Ted Cruz will never be president.

Cruz tried to disguise his attack on the military by blaming the left, but Joe Biden celebrates the troops while Ted Cruz calls them pansies.

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