Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks Robert Reich After He Calls For Her Expulsion

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked economist Robert Reich after he hit a nerve by calling for her expulsion from Congress.

Reich tweeted:

Taylor Greene responded:

Of course, Taylor Greene doesn’t know who Reich is. He is a respected economist and former Secretary of Labor who served in both Democratic and Republican administration, but since he doesn’t appear on Fox News, Newsmax, or OAN, Rep. Greene has no clue who he is.

Robert Reich is not a communist, and it may surprise all the people who got or are getting their degrees from UC Berkley to be told that going to that prestigious university makes them communists.

Greene is increasingly becoming more unhinged. She is stalking and attacking AOC and other congressional colleagues while comparing mask mandates to the Holocaust.

Kevin McCarthy will not lift a finger to expel Greene, and since expulsion requires a two-thirds vote in the House, she is safe as long McCarthy is still dreaming of becoming Majority Leader.

Greene needs to go because her attack on Robert Reich reveals that her mental state is rapidly declining, and she is a danger to the House.