WATCH: Watergate Investigator Says Trump’s Brand is Toxic and That May Doom Trump Organization

Donald Trump is really, really hoping that he will get to be the president again one day. For a number of reasons, though, that is very unlikely. So now the former president is back to a career as a businessman.

And despite his claims to the contrary, Trump is not a very good businessman. And following the insurrection he incited on January 6th has made his “brand” even more toxic than it was before. According to former Watergate Investigator Jill Wine-Banks, that may doom the entire Trump Organization.

Wine-Banks made the comments during an interview with MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez. She told the host, “His popularity has diminished greatly,” said Wine-Banks. “His properties are of less value now. Many buildings are taking the name Trump off of them because it is a deterrent to people, either playing golf at his golf courses or a deterrent to people buying condos in his buildings.”

The former investigator continued, “Think about the bank loans that we know are coming due, and his income has gone down as best everybody can tell from all the reporting. So, where is he going to get the money to pay back those loans, and now a lot of banks will simply not lend to him anymore. So, how is he going to change the source of income to pay back the original lender with new lenders?”

Wine-Banks concluded:

“So, it could totally wipe out the Trump Organization. There are some questions about some fraud in real estate and in defrauding people who bought condos. All of that mounts up, and eventually, the money runs out. So, he should be worried not just about whether he will be charged with a crime and whether a jury will convict him, but with being bankrupted.”