Lauren Boebert Wants to Be the Next Speaker of the House and Has Matt Gaetz’s Support

Mitch McConnell runs a pretty right ship. And as a result, he seemingly has GOP senators in lock-step behind him. The Kentucky senator has moved on from Donald Trump and has advised his colleagues to do the same.

Things are much different in the House of Representatives. Kevin McCarthy was originally critical about Donald Trump inciting an insurrection. But after a visit to Mar-a-Lago, the house minority leader quickly changed his tune.

Still, nothing is ever enough for the MAGA wing of the Republican party. As a result, some congresspeople are gunning for McCarthy’s job. That includes controversial congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

Boebert, who might be best known for tweeting out Nancy Pelosi‘s whereabouts during the January 6th insurrection, said during a Newsmax interview, “But, you know, maybe one day when I’m Speaker of the House, my first action will be to take those metal detectors and use them as target practice. In the congressional complex, I am my own security… until I get into Pelosi’s House — it’s certainly not the people’s House — where we have to go through the metal detectors.”

Matt Gaetz, who is desperate to distract from his current scandal, was more than happy to co-sign Boebert’s idea. He tweeted, “Lauren Boebert would make a fantastic Speaker of the House!”

While the idea of Boebert as Speaker of the House is seemingly ridiculous, anything is possible with the current iteration of the Republican party.