Chuck Schumer Is About To Make It Hurt For Mitch McConnell By Forcing GOP To Vote On 1/6 Commission

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that the Capitol attack would not be swept under the rug as he will make Senate Republicans vote on the 1/6 Commission.


Schumer said, “The prevailing view among Republicans is that we should sweep the Big Lie and all of January 6th under the rug like it never happened. Look, I’m sorry that some Republicans believe that a bipartisan investigation is inconvenient for their midterm campaigns, but the Democratic Congress of the United States is not going to sweep January 6th under the rug. We’re going to vote on the January 6th Commission in the Senate, and the American people will see where each member stands.”

I know that Republicans are no longer familiar with this term, but what Senator Schumer is pursuing is public accountability. Senate Republicans will have to be publicly accountable for supporting Trump‘s Big Lie and the attack on the Capitol.
Republicans are saying that they don’t want to talk about January 6th anymore, which is why Schumer is going to force them to go on their record and then go back home and defend their support for domestic terrorism.

Things are about to get very uncomfortable for Mitch McConnell and his Senate Republicans.

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