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Ex-Trump Exec: Former President Won’t Hesitate to Throw Allen Weisselberg Under the Bus

At some point, it should have become strange that Donald Trump had people willing to work for him. The former president has a history of turning his back on both contractors and former employees. When Michael Cohen was arrested back in 2018, his long-time employer certainly didn’t have his back.

The New York state investigation into Donald Trump has focused in on employees of the Trump Organization. Allen Weisselberg, a long-time money man for the family has been specifically focused on. During a Tuesday night interview, former Trump executive Barbara Res said that the former president won’t hesitate to implicate Weisselberg.

Res made the comments while speaking with MSNBC‘s Ari Melber. She told the host, “Weisselberg is an ordinary guy. He’s not like a [Michael] Cohen or anyone the big names like [Roger] Stone or any of those people. He’s just an ordinary guy. He goes up, and he changed his standing and everything, but I can’t imagine he’s just — he’s just beside himself.”

The former exec continued:

“You know, he’s seen Trump throw everything he could find under the bus. Does he have a problem with it? Well, probably it would hurt him, but it would be foolish to think that wasn’t going to happen. And it is a big problem for him and everyone else is going to do that. But Weisselberg, for one thing, he’s not the kind of guy that would be the only one that would know. I don’t know that there is anyone like that, but it is certainly not Weisselberg. Weisselberg is one of the total sycophants that doesn’t breathe or inhale or exhale without Trump’s permission or knowledge. So, I think that that will be interesting in trying to lay it on Weisselberg and how he respond.”


If the Trump CFO wants to turn on Trump, he will certainly have the chance. And if Res is right, he’d be smart to do so sooner rather than later.

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