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Trump Is One Step Closer To Be Criminally Charged As A Grand Jury Has Been Convened

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance has convened a grand jury to hear evidence and weigh criminal charges against Donald Trump.

The Washington Post reported:

Manhattan’s district attorney has convened the grand jury that is expected to decide whether to indict former president Donald Trump, other executives at his company or the business itself should prosecutors present the panel with criminal charges, according to two people familiar with the development.


The move indicates that District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr.’s investigation of the former president and his business has reached an advanced stage after more than two years. It suggests, too, that Vance believes he has found evidence of a crime — if not by Trump then by someone potentially close to him or by his company.

This is a big step forward that is a signal that District Attorney Vance has made his case and he has found enough evidence of a crime or multiple crimes within the Trump Organization.

Trump no longer has the presidency to hide behind. There is no immunity. He can’t buy off witnesses with promises of pardons. The Manhattan DA is apparently deep inside the Trump Organization, and all of those criminal secrets that Trump has spent decades hiding are going to come out before a grand jury.

Donald Trump has never been closer to facing criminal charges than he is today.

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