GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville Complains About Having To Do His Job

Republican Senators, like Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), are getting cranky because they are being forced to do their jobs instead of being on Memorial Day recess.

Tuberville said:

Republicans are trying to delay the 1/6 Commission vote for as long as they can. The vote will be a black eye and embarrassment when Senate Republicans vote against the creation of an independent commission to investigate the January 6th attack. There is a possibility that the vote doesn’t happen until late on Friday night during a holiday weekend when fewer Americans would see the latest GOP cover-up for Donald Trump.

This will come as a shock to Tubeville, but millions upon millions of Americans will be working on Memorial Day. Not everyone has the day off, so for him to be whining about having to do his job three days before a holiday that millions will be working shows how out of touch the Republican Party is.

There is an easy fix to Tuberville’s problem. He can have all the time that he wants to fish and golf simply by resigning from the Senate.

Tuberville chose to run for Senate, and he can choose to do the nation a favor and resign.

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