Mother Of Slain Capitol Police Officer Says Republicans Were Tense, Insincere, And Didn’t Care About Them

Gladys Sicknick described her meetings with Senate Republicans as tense and said that Republicans were insincere and didn’t care about them.

Video of Sicknick:

Sicknick said on CNN, “They were very charming, and they knew what they were doing, they knew how to talk to us. But we kind of held back. It was just — it was tense. And we just made believe, you know, everything was fine, and we were very nice to them, for the most part.”

Sicknick explained the reason why the meetings were tense, “Because we knew — I think because we knew they weren’t sincere. They weren’t sincere.”

She added that Republicans didn’t want to get to the bottom of what happened, “They are elected for us, the people. And they don’t care about that. They care about money, I guess, their pocketbooks. So they’ll be in front of the cameras when they feel like it. And they just don’t care. And it’s not right.”

There was an attack on the Capitol in an effort to overthrow the government, police officers were injured and killed, but Republicans did not care.

Sicknick’s words should be used in ads against every Republican senator and Senate candidate next year. Republicans don’t care about the people. They only care about money.

If a grieving mother whose son died protecting Senate Republicans can’t move them to do the right thing, the rest of the American people stand no chance if they are ever returned to power.