Former Asst. FBI Director Calls For QAnon Leadership Including Members Of Congress And Trump To Be Dismantled

Former Assistant FBI Director Frank Figliuzzi said QAnon is a worsening domestic terror threat whose leadership, including GOP members of Congress and Trump must be dismantled.


Figliuzzi said on MSNBC’s The Reid Out, “It has gotten worse and emboldened Trump and those around him who is talking about coming back into power magically in August. They think can happen, we better pay attention. Chris Wray said what happened was domestic terrorism. 25 years in FBI, here’s how you deal with domestic terrorism threat, any terrorism threat, dismantle the leadership structure, and headed to 500 indictments, fantastic, seeing conspiracy charges but can’t stop there. They have to dismantle the leadership structure, if that means sitting members of congress or people in Trump’s circle like Rudy Giuliani or Trump himself, so be it. It will not go away if they keep inspiring and mentoring others.”

The time for laughing off QAnon is over. That ended when they attacked the Capitol to try to overturn an election on January 6. QAnon supporters are intent on destroying democracy, and until the nation gets serious and goes after the leadership, including the currently elected and formerly elected officials who are profiting off of these lies, the problem will only get worse.

If it involves taken down sitting members of Congress and even a former president that is what the nation has to be committed to doing to save democracy.

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