Fox’s News Charade Destroyed As Sean Hannity Busted Writing Trump Campaign Ad

Sean Hannity, who is supposed to be a Fox News host, actually wrote a campaign ad that the campaign spent $1.5 million on for Trump.

Punchbowl News got the scoop which is detailed in an upcoming book by Michael Bender:

Sean Hannity had nightly bedtime conversations with the former president while he was in office and was thought to be a shadow member of the cabinet, so his involvement with the failed one-term president’s campaign is not a surprise, but at the time that the ad was made, there were reports that the Trump campaign was either broke or extremely strapped for cash, so to say that this was a poor use of resources would be an epic understatement.

The ad itself and Hannity’s role in it destroys the facade of Fox News being a news network. The network has never really recovered from the damage it did to itself when it changed into an overt propaganda arm for the White House.

Hannity’s behavior confirms that Fox isn’t a news network. It is a propaganda arm that doesn’t respect or adhere to the rules of journalism.

Sean Hannity’s moonlighting for the Trump campaign exposed the Fox News fraud.

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