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Greg Abbott’s Threat Not To Pay The Legislature Backfires And Hurts Republicans

Gov. Greg Abbott is threatening not to pay the Texas legislature after State House Democrats blocked his election rigging bill, but the people that would be hurt most are Republicans.

Gov. Abbott threatened to defund the legislature, but the problem is that the two highest earners in the legislature are Republicans.

Video of Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer:

Martinez Fischer told MSNBC, “Well, listen, we don’t serve for the compensation. As you mentioned, it’s a small stipend. But you’re going to hurt frontline workers, people who serve food and main entertain parking garages, lawn care. Not to mention professional men and women who operate and make that capital work like lawyers and representatives of counsel. Really he should think about it because the biggest budget line items there to go to the lieutenant governor, who happens to be a Republican, and the Speaker of the House, who also happens to be a Republican, so I’d be careful before I make that threat.”

Abbott is angry because House Democrats walked out just before the end of the legislative session and denied Republicans the quorum that they needed to pass the state’s comprehensive election rigging law.

Texas House Democrats brought the one thing that Republicans didn’t want to the state. All eyes are now on Texas and its voter suppression bill. Republicans tried to pass this bill literally just before the stroke of midnight, but they were stopped by a Democratic walkout, and all Greg Abbott can do at this moment is fume and pout.

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