Biden Announces Free Beer On The 4th Of July For People Who Get Vaccinated


President Biden announced that Anheuser-Busch is giving away free beer to anyone who gets vaccinated on the 4th of July.


President Biden said while announcing the White House‘s amped-up vaccination effort, “The grocery store Kroger announced they would give away $1 million each week to someone who gets vaccinated at one of their pharmacies. The NBA, the NHL, NASCAR, NASCAR tracks, they’re offering vaccines outside playoff games and in races. Major league baseball will be offering free tickets to people to get vaccinated at the ballpark. And to top it off, Anheuser-Busch announced beer is on them on July Fourth. Free beer for everyone 21 years or over to celebrate our independence from the virus.”


The Biden administration is accelerating the effort to get people vaccinated over the summer by going to where the people who are most likely to be hesitant about getting the shot are.

States, businesses, localities, and others are getting increasingly creative with the incentives that they offer to get people to get vaccinated.

Younger people are some of the most hesitant in the country, so free beer sounds like a good inducement for some who might be on the fence over the 4th of July.

The nation has made incredible progress in dealing with the pandemic, but experts have always said that the last hurdle would be the most difficult. Biden and his administration are thinking outside the box and doing all they can to keep the American people safe and turn COVID-19 into a distant memory.

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