Rachel Maddow Dominates Hannity For The 6th Straight Month

The Rachel Maddow Show continued its run of dominance over Fox News, as she bested Sean Hannity for the sixth straight month.

According to a press release from MSNBC provided to PoliticusUSA:

“The Rachel Maddow Show” at 9 pm continues to beat FOX News’ “Hannity” at 9 pm with 2.64M total viewers (vs. FOX News’ 2.62M and CNN’s 1M). This marks the 6th straight month that “Maddow” has finished #1 at 9 pm in total viewers and the 96th straight month beating CNN. In A25-54, “Maddow” ranked #2, averaging 368K viewers (vs. CNN’s 243K) — the largest lead over CNN since Sept. 2020.

Sean Hannity has been floundering ever since Trump left office. Hannity would likely benefit from spending more time working on his show than writing and producing Trump campaign ads.

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Those who thought that Rachel Maddow’s success was due to Trump and all of his various scandals have been proven wrong. Rachel Maddow continues to put out compelling hours of news and analysis with Democrats in charge of the federal government.

Without the pandemic and the nation not having a president that kept the country in a constant state of crisis, cable news viewership is down. It seems that the American people are finally able to take a break and catch their breaths, but Rachel Maddow is still rolling on.

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