Trump Is Now A Failed President And Failed Blogger

Trump lasted a month as a blogger, as the former president has shut his blog down and removed it from his website.

CNBC reported:

The page “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” has been scrubbed from Trump’s website after going live less than a month earlier.

It “will not be returning,” his senior aide Jason Miller told CNBC.

“It was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on,” Miller said via email.

The real reason why Trump’s blog is gone is that no one read it. Trump was so outraged by reports that his blog was garnering little traffic that he put out a statement criticizing those who claimed that no one was visiting his blog.

That statement came about a week before Trump shut down the blog and had it scrubbed from his website.

Trump’s blog was basically his unreadable tweets without the context of Twitter. It was even more difficult to figure out what he was talking about than it had been when he was allowed on social media.

The post-presidential second act of Donald Trump is off to a rousing start. The former president has failed as a blogger and is looking at a potential criminal indictment in Manhattan.

Donald Trump is now a failed president and a failed blogger.

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