WATCH: Enraged Giuliani Says if Former President Committed Crimes “Before He Was Donald Trump”, it is “Unconstitutional” to Investigate Them

Rudy Giuliani was, at one point, one of the most famous lawyers in the world. As the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, he prosecuted some of the country’s best known mobsters.

So the former New York City Mayor should certainly know better than to go on television when he is in pretty serious legal trouble himself. But Giuliani couldn’t resist appearing on Newsmax Wednesday afternoon to rage about Donald Trump.

It was recently revealed that New York’s case into the Trump Organization is now a criminal one. Giuliani was asked about his feelings on the case against his former boss.

This is an investigation in search of a crime, not a crime that’s being investigated,” the lawyer responded. “They’ve gone through his whole life searching for something they can make into a criminal act. That’s a very, very dangerous thing to do for America. In fact, it’s anti-American. I think [it’s] unconstitutional.”

In another strange argument for a former prosecutor, Giuliani also opined that any crimes committed by Trump in the past should now be ignored. He continued, “Donald Trump’s life has been investigated over and over again. They’re going back years before he was Donald Trump! So these people are politically motivated, poor excuses for public servants.”

While Giuliani’s arguments are ridiculous, they could be a preview of the legal strategy employed by Trump in the future. If the state of New York does bring charges against the former president, the evidence is likely to be very strong.