WATCH: Joy Reid Slams Kyrsten Sinema For Pretending to Care About Voting Rights

Democrats rejoiced in January when wins by Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won their races giving the party control of the senate. And that advantage allowed them to push through a major COVID relief bill that aided millions of Americans.

But the party has a much bigger agenda they would like to accomplish. Unfortunately, Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema seem to be standing in the way of their progress.

During a Wednesday night segment, Joy Reid took Sinema to task for pretending to care about the Democratic agenda without really supporting it. The host told her audience:

“She (Sinema) understands what’s happening in her own state. I can only conclude that she supports what they’re doing and wants it to proceed because she says – she’s on the bill – she’s a cosponsor [of the For the People Act that addresses voting rights]. That’s real convenient to let her show up at Black churches on MLK Day, so she can cover herself that way. But I can not conclude other than that what she sees happening that Republicans are doing, she’s for it, because she’s not for changing it. She’s not for stopping it. I don’t know what else to conclude.”

The Arizona senator is currently under fire for missing a vote on a bill that would have created a 1/6 commission. While she says she had an important matter to attend to, she hasn’t explained why she wasn’t there.

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