WATCH: OAN Guest Denies That There Was Actually a Massacre in Tulsa 100 Years Ago

For decades, students in schools were not taught about the 1921 massacre on Black Wall St. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was actually an HBO show, Watchmen, that revealed the truth behind the incident to many Americans.

And now that the history of the event is known, the Biden administration is making sure more Americans learn about it. The president and vice president both spent time talking about the incident this week.

And the light shone on the event has enraged Conservative media outlets that like to pretend that racism no longer exists. On Wednesday night, OAN went as far on having a guest deny the seriousness of the massacre.

Radio host Jesse Lee Peterson claimed, “And I don’t believe that whole story about what happened in Tulsa. It’s not as dramatized as the race hustlers are making it out to be. I guarantee you they have rewritten history, they have written it to be something that is more dramatic so they can make white people look racist, make them look mean, and so they hate all Black people so they can control the Blacks.”

The pundit continued, “It’s not white people’s fault that Black people have lost their way. It’s Black people’s fault, it’s the Black person’s fault — it’s not even all Black people’s fault that other Black people are losers, right? As adults, we are responsible for our own life, and in this country, it’s up to you what you want to do in life. No one is holding you back but yourself. And these people are blaming others because they’re losers, they’re cowards. They have no love. They’re evil.”

While it is disgraceful that this event was long hidden by history, it is a big positive that people are starting to learn about it. Conservative media outlets are unlikely to be successful in their attempts to minimize the incident.