Congressman Asks DOJ To Investigate Mike Flynn’s Calls For A Coup

Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) has written to the Department of Justice and asked for an investigation into Mike Flynn’s call for a coup.

Rep. Boyle wrote to Attorney General Garland in a letter provided to PoliticusUSA:

This past weekend, retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn endorsed a military coup in the United States. He said there is “no reason” why a Myanmar-style coup couldn’t happen in America and then continued on to say that “it should happen here.”

Such blatant and dangerous calls for continued violence against the United States and our government are reprehensible. These sentiments expressed by retired Lt. Gen. Flynn, when coupled with his previous behavior and connections to extremist groups that initiated the attack on the U.S. Capitol, warrant a thorough DOJ-led investigation.

While Lt. Gen. Flynn’s words themselves may be protected by the First Amendment, his conduct and continued, calls for violence against the lawful authorities of the United States are likely to inspire continued instances of domestic terrorism. For this reason, Lt. Gen. Flynn poses a serious threat to our country, and his sentiments should be taken and thoroughly investigated at face value.

I am aware of the caution exercised when members of the legislative branch seek action from the DOJ. An independent DOJ that pursues justice for justice’s sake is crucial to our democracy. But we cannot ignore clear and present danger when it makes itself so publicly known. I respectfully request that the DOJ fully evaluates this developing threat.

The Department of Justice should investigate Flynn for his comments because they were not qualified as an opinion. Flynn did not say in my view or in my opinion. He said, “it should happen here.”

Flynn’s remarks were an incitement of violence against the United States of America.

After the attack on the Capitol, these sorts of incitements can’t be brushed off as free speech, but they deserve to be investigated before it is too late.