WATCH: Legendary Sports Announcer Bob Costas Blasts MAGA Fringe, Says the Country Needs Strong Conservative Party

Bob Costas worked the Olympics for decades on the NBC network. He appeared on Chris Cuomo‘s CNN show on Thursday night to talk about the upcoming games.

The broadcaster told the host that due to Japan’s low vaccination rates, the games should be postponed for another year. The former NBC host explained, “If you wanted to come up, forget about within sports, but anywhere in the world, with a petri dish for a surge, variants and all the rest, how about bringing large numbers of people from 200 different countries, with varying levels of health care and all the rest, varying levels of vaccination, bring them together.”

Cuomo then asked Costas for his take on the current state of politics in the country. The broadcaster responded, “When you have a sizable percentage of the country that is absolutely fact averse, and believes wild, crazy things, and is a cult of personality, this has nothing to do with principle. It has nothing to do with conservative ideas.”

Costas continued:

“This country needs a strong Republican party so that moderate Republicans have a place to go, a place they recognize. But also, no matter who is in office, even if you voted for him, Joe Biden needs a thoughtful opposition. Just as if a Republican was in office, that person needs a thoughtful opposition. Plus, there are excesses on the left, excesses of PC and wokeness and all the rest, and you’d need some sort of thoughtful response to that, instead of the nonsense we’re getting in MAGA world.”

While Costas specialized in sports rather than news, he could still be called upon to give a thoughtful answer. And he made a pretty decent point last night on CNN.