White House Denies Report That Biden Made Big Concessions to GOP on Infrastructure

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:31 pm

Joe Biden made some big promises prior to taking office this January. He already accomplished his first goal of passing a major COVID relief bill. The new president has now moved on to passing a major infrastructure bill.

Biden would very much like for the bill to pass with votes from both Democrats and Republicans. To that end, he recently met with Shelly Moore-Capito, the GOP’s top negotiator.

According to a Washington Post report, Biden was willing to make big concessions to Republicans including forgoing a 28% corporate tax rate. The White House, however, is denying the story.

Jen Psaki told reporters, “What happened over the last couple of days and also in the meeting yesterday is that the President did a thorough review of all of the tax reforms he’s proposed — many of them on the campaign — it was in the American Jobs Plan as a pay for and is also reflected in our budget that we just put out last Friday. And he looked to see what could be a path forward with his Republican colleagues on this specific negotiation.”

The press secretary continued, “What the President believes is that corporations can afford to pay a little bit more and that’s a way that we can pay for a range of the bold proposals that he has put forward. But he also took a look at all of tax proposals that he has put forward over time to find a way where there would be pay fors based on their bottom lines many of the Republican negotiators should be able to agree to.”

Biden would come out looking very strong if he was able to pass a bi-partisan infrastructure bill. And while that’s still possible, the president does not need Republican support.

Todd Neikirk

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