Biden Is Now Creating Jobs Three Times Faster Than Trump

President Biden commented on the strong jobs numbers and pointed out that he is now creating three times more jobs than Trump.


President Biden said:

That means we have now created over 2 million jobs in total since I took office. More jobs than ever have been created in the first four months of any presidency in modern history. Triple the rate of my predecessor, eight times the rate of President Reagan. The unemployment rate has not been below 6% since the first time the pandemic hit. For the first time in 14 months, we have seen the largest decline in the number of long-term unemployed, more than the entire decade. Long-term unemployment dropped by the second-largest amount ever recorded. Not only that, but the signs of further progress are already here. This report is based on a weekly — a week in early May. That is how we determine the job growth or loss.

And that week in May, we only had 35% of working-age adults having been fully vaccinated. We are all wearing masks then, but since then, 20 million more adults have been vaccinated, making it easy for them to return to work safely. In short, this is progress. Historic progress. Progress pulling our economy out of the worst crisis it has been in 100 years. And a testament to the new strategy that is growing our economy, not only growing from the bottom up and the middle out. Remember when I took office in January, our economy was in a tailspin. Job growth had stalled. Covid was raging. Unemployment insurance claims were 830,000 per week. Novice claims have fallen below 430,000.

Somebody did know more about creating jobs than Donald Trump, and his name is Joe Biden. According to Trump, he built the greatest economy in the history of the world, but if Biden is growing jobs three times faster, does that mean that Biden’s economy is three times greater than Trump’s?

Trump was riding Obama‘s coattails and had already placed the economy into recession before the pandemic hit.

Joe Biden is keeping his promise to build America back better, and the US economy is starting to looking like it could become a juggernaut that is ready to take off.

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