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Firm Fires Mike Lindell’s Lawyer For Filing Unauthorized Suits Against Dominion and Smartmatic

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Since he left office in January of this year, Donald Trump has become quite toxic. The former president was banned by most major social media websites. On Friday, Facebook decided to extend their ban on Trump for 2 years and possibly longer.

Other figures in Trump’s orbit are also considered toxic. Rudy Giuliani humiliates himself on a near daily basis and recently had his apartment raided by the FBI.


Compared to Mike Lindell, though, Trump and Giuliani are doing just fine. Lindell has lashed out at everyone who doesn’t support his fight to overturn the election, including Fox News. And this week, Lindell’s lawyer was fired for representing him in unauthorized suits against Dominion and Smartmatic.

The My Pillow guy has been waging a war against the two voting machine companies. With no evidence, he claimed that the companies conspired to cost Donald Trump the 2020 election.


Lindell hired Alec Beck from Barnes & Thornburg LLP in Minnesota to help him sue the voting machine manufacturers. And Beck did just that. But now that law firm is saying that Beck acted without their authorization. 

The firm said in a statement:

“Late last night, firm management became aware of the filing of the complaint, which was done without receiving firm authorization pursuant to internal firm approval procedures. While the firm cannot comment substantively on pending matters, the firm is immediately taking the requisite steps to withdraw as local counsel in this matter and end the client relationship. The attorney representing the client in this matter is no longer with the firm.”

Both Trump and Lindell are running out of chances to see the results of the most recent election overturned. It is likely, though, that the two men will continue their futile fight.

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