Congresswoman Tells The Nation That Trump Committed Treason

Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands) accused Former President Trump of treason and trying to overthrow the government.


Rep. Plaskett said on MSNBC‘s Velshi, “As you may recall, one of the things that the impeachment managers did discuss was this ideological war that we felt was not going to end. That was one of the reasons that we asked all of those 100 senators to vote to convict Donald Trump. That insurrection was, in fact, treason. It was, in fact, an attempt to overthrow our government. Because I believe many of those senators continued to perpetrate that lie, the war continues to go on. The civil war that is an ideological one between a democracy and an autocracy.”

The reason why Republicans don’t want a 1/6 Commission or any investigation at all of the attack on the Capitol is that it always comes back to the same place that Rep. Plaskett raised.

The Republican Party has become an anti-democratic party of treason.

Trump is jumping back on to the political stage by speaking at the North Carolina Republican convention, and soon he will be launching his oldies tour disguised as rallies in at least four states.

Republicans want Trump’s voters without Trump because the former president brings with him the baggage of trying to overthrow the government.

A vote for any Republican Trump loyalist is treason. Blocking an investigation of the 1/6 attack is treason.

In short, Trump is treason.