Jaime Harrison Chides Joe Manchin Over Voter Rights: “We Can’t Leave This to the Whims of Mitch McConnell”

At one point, it looked like Jaime Harrison could take out Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. But in the long run, Graham retained his seat and now Harrison serves Democrats as the chair of the DNC.

During a Sunday appearance on MSNBC, Harrison was asked about Joe Manchin’s lack of support for the For The People Act. He chided the West Virginia Democrat for making Mitch McConnell more powerful with his vote.

The DNC Chair told Alex Witt, “[I’m] very disappointed in Senator Manchin’s decision. I know he wants to protect democracy, but there will be no democracy if we don’t protect the rights to vote of all Americans. [It] is not a both sides issue.”

Harrison continued, “I think if he goes home and he talks to people, all people believe that all Americans should have the right to vote.”

The South Carolina Democrat closed his comments:

“We can’t just leave this up to the whims of Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz to do the right thing. I’m sorry. Mitch McConnell’s already said that he doesn’t want Joe Biden to accomplish anything. This isn’t about Joe Biden. This is about the American people. And we need people to stand up. They didn’t do the right thing on the commission. Why in hell do they think they’re going to do the right thing in terms of voting rights of the people when it stands in the way of them getting power?”


Manchin has talked time and time again about how important it is to him that legislation gets passed in a bi-partisan manner. This is one issue, though, where Republicans have completely refused to compromise.