Jim Acosta Compares Trump To The Iceberg That Sunk The Titanic

CNN‘s Jim Acosta called Trump’s return to politics tired and stale while catching the failed former president lying about being unable to walk down a ramp.


Trump said, “I walked gingerly down. That was on every newscast in the world and I never went down. I never went down on my [ bleep ], I tell you. I wasn’t going to fall. I will never forget that ramp. It was like a sheet of ice. It was cold, rainy, and that ramp was long and steep.”

Acosta set the record straight, “He even lies about that. Just to our viewers, so they can see the video right here. It was not pouring rain, it was sunny, but moving on. I know it is tempting to laugh this off if it wasn’t all so dangerous if it wasn’t coming after a Capitol insurrection inspired by his lies. Republicans still caught in the grips of a man who incited a mob and perhaps a telling twist, one of the songs playing before he came to the stage, the theme song to Titanic, but he is no king of the world. He’s more like the iceberg.”

Trump is the iceberg and Republicans are passengers who are being told that their path to survival is to embrace the iceberg because they are unsinkable even as they are taking on water.

Jim Acosta was correct. Trump is stale and tired, but he also remains dangerous, and if we aren’t careful, the iceberg could sink our democracy.