Report: Matt Gaetz Begged Newsmax For a Job But the Conservative Network Turned Him Down

Back in late March, Axios published a story about Matt Gaetz retiring from congress and working in Conservative media. The story seemed odd at the time. The Florida Rep. was seemingly on the rise in the party.

Gaetz had connected himself tightly to Donald Trump. He went as far as threatening Michael Cohen the day before the Trump lawyer was set to testify in front of congress. He later apologized to Speaker Pelosi for his actions.

The Florida Rep. has also been given high profile assignments within the party. He was one of the main speakers this year at the Conservative CPAC story.

But just a day after the Axios story, it became clear why Gaetz was in a hurry to leave the House of Representatives. The New York Times reported that the GOP lawmaker was under investigation for sex trafficking.

This week, Reuters published a report that gave more insight into Gaetz’s plea to the Conservative network. Newsmax spokesperson, Brian Peterson, told the news outlet, “Newsmax has had no plans to hire Rep. Gaetz.”

Another source said, “Earlier this year, (Gaetz) reached out and said he might leave Congress early and was interested in TV work. [It was] just a conversation” and Newsmax “never told him we were interested.”

After that play failed, Gaetz has taken his fight against the charges in another direction. The Florida Rep. and embattled Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are touring the country on what they are calling America First rallies.