WATCH: Former FBI Agent Figliuzzi Says Trump is Now Essentially Working for China and Russia

Last updated on June 9th, 2021 at 04:46 am

Donald Trump hit the stage again this weekend, speaking at a North Carolina GOP event. The speech featured a litany of lies including Trump’s continued claims about 2020 election fraud.

In 2016, Russia helped Trump get elected, hoping for a pliable world leader who would turn a blind eye to their abuses. According to Frank Figliuzzi, they got that and more.

The former FBI agent told Nicolle Wallace that, at this point, Trump is basically working for Moscow and Beijing. He told the host:

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“We’re watching a slow-moving train wreck, and it needs to get derailed quickly or it’s going to crash. And the train that’s crashing is essentially our form of democracy. The insurrection’s not over in a very real sense. We’ve got a former president, a significant percentage of at least one party believes he is still the president. He is undermining democracy, our system, and again, from my national security lens, I cannot help but think that in bureaucratic offices throughout Moscow and Beijing, they are sitting back and smiling at a former U.S. president who is doing their work for them. Never before has it been this easy for an adversary to actually impact negatively the United States and our democracy because they have the ultimate insider, now outsider, in the form of Donald Trump.”

At this point Trump is not interested in helping Republicans or Democrats or anyone other than himself. And he cares little if his actions benefit countries hostile to the United States.

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