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WATCH: The View Panel Talks About How Trump’s Disheveled Appearance This Weekend Made him “Look Crazy”

Donald Trump gave one of his highest profile speeches since leaving the White House over the weekend. There wasn’t much new material as the former president complained about Democrats and Republicans who are against him.

The coverage the next day, though, was mostly focused on the pants Trump was wearing. While he wasn’t wearing the trousers backwards, they were wrinkled and fit him horribly.

The hosts of The View discussed the look during their Monday show. Meghan McCain weighed in:

“You can look like a crazy, ex-mad-king and he’s been like a wedding singer at Mar-a-Lago and he just looks really disheveled. And he doesn’t look good. I mean, I’m not one of these people who, like, a Jim Acosta where I’m always dunking on him, but this is not how — if he’s really looking to, like, lead the party, this is not the way that he should present himself for a lot of different reasons.”

Joy Behar then jumped in to say, “Well, they make him look crazy,” she began. “They make him look crazy. On Fox News they talk about how Joe Biden is suffering from dementia. Well, hello, Joe Biden is riding his bike and leading the country quite well. This guy is wearing pants that look like he pooped in them.”

Trump has yet to comment on his outfit being a trending topic but that is most likely because he current has no vehicle to do so thanks to his various social media bans.

Watch the segment below, beginning at the 12:19 mark:

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