Former Republican Rep: The GOP Has to Pass the Kidney Stone of Trump Before Moving Forward

Anti-Trump Republicans like Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney would have you believe that, behind closed doors, their colleagues are against Donald Trump. In public, though, very few GOP members are wiling to speak out against the former president.

You even have powerful lawmakers like Lindsey Graham, who say the party can’t possibly move forward without him. But according to Barbara Comstock, a former Republican congresswoman, the party needs to rid themselves of him.

The ex-Virginia congresswoman made to comments to Nicolle Wallace. She began by comparing the former president to 1950’s Red Scare congressman Joseph McCarthy.

“I know it’s going to take a while,”Comstock said. “Margaret Chase Smith, she came out in 1950, she only had six supporters going after Joe McCarthy, but four years later, 67 members and 9 senators voted to censure Joe McCarthy.”

She continued, “It’s passing of the political kidney stone that’s painful, but we can all survive it. I do think or democracy was built to last, it’s lasted through tougher things than Donald Trump, who is two times impeached, failed guy, who at 47 percent, going down every day, is not going to be the future of anything that will ever get to the White House. if we nominate him, yeah, that’s not good, because then we lose, but he’s not going to be the future of anything. Except failure. Sore loser. Sore losers everywhere can rally around Donald Trump, but sore losers are still losers.”

Even now, with him banned from Twitter, Republicans are still very afraid of Donald Trump. Comstock’s hopes seem more pie in the sky than anything at this point.