Bombshell McGahn Testimony Nails Trump For Directing Him To Commit Crimes

Former White House counsel Don McGahn revealed to the House Judiciary Committee that Trump directed him to write a false statement and commit a crime.

Via the transcript of McGhan’s testimony (page numbers in parentheses):


Q. If you had put out the statement the President was requesting, disputing that the President ever asked you to have the special counsel removed by Rosenstein, would that have been accurate?

A. That statement would not have been accurate. (152)


Q. So by February of 2018, the President was very aware that it was a Federal crime to lie to the special counsel and you could be indicted for doing so, correct?

A. Suppose so, yeah. (164)


“Given his track record of prosecuting people for violations of [18 U.S.C.] 1001, I would have probably been next. He had already publicly made clear he was going after various people for that, and that certainly is one that would weigh on anybody’s mind.” (113)


Trump ran the presidency like a criminal operation, which is the same way that he runs his real estate business. The former White House Counsel’s testimony is proof that Trump did push the nation to the brink.

Both of the impeachments of the failed one-term president were justified and this pattern of behavior is what prosecutors in Manhattan have zeroed in on.

Trump tried to fire Mueller, and then he tried to cover it up by getting the White House Counsel likely indicted for lying to the Special Counsel.

This pattern of behavior is why it is likely that the former president will be criminally indicted.

Crime is what Trump does.