Bad Deal: Bipartisan Group Of Senators Reach Infrastructure Agreement With No Tax Increases On The Rich

A bipartisan group of Senators announced that they had reached a $1 trillion infrastructure deal that doesn’t increase taxes on the wealthy or corporations.

The Senators announced:

Compared to what the Biden administration proposed, this a minuscule amount of new spending. The bigger problem is that the Senators appeared to have agreed to a deal among themselves that will be paid for by increasing user fees on working and middle-class Americans. It is a safe bet that user fees are the funding mechanism because Sens. Romney and Portman are both touting user fee increases.

The deal is a joke compared to what the Biden administration has laid out as their vision for infrastructure and job creation.

Once again, Republicans try to protect the rich while passing the cost on to the working people of the country.

The problem is that Biden’s plan to pay for massive infrastructure spending is popular with voters. The Senators who cut this deal are completely out of touch with what the American people want.

President Biden should hold his ground and pay for his bold infrastructure plan by repealing the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

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