Retiring GOP Senator Richard Shelby Refuses to Back Trump Sycophant Mo Brooks for His Seat

When Donald Trump pushed lies about the 2020 election to his followers, he had plenty of help from GOP lawmakers. Few pushed harder than Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks. Brooks famously took the stage at the 1/6 Trump rally to egg on supporters.

And Brooks is hoping that his support of the former president lands him in an even more prominent seat. Richard Shelby, a long-time US senator is soon to retire and the congressman is hoping to run for his seat. Shelby, though, has decided to back a different Republican.

The Alabama senator, who gained his seat back in 1986, is backing GOP hopeful Katie Boyd Britt. He said of Britt, “She’s like family. She’d make a good candidate. She’s probably the best-qualified candidate to come along in a long time. I’d support her, I’d vote for her.”

During the interview, Shelby was asked about Brooks, but refused to take a shot at the Trump sycophant. “Could be an interesting race,” he said. “We’ll have to see how it develops.”

Shelby also noted that Britt shouldn’t count on much more than his endorsement. He continued, “She’s got to run her own campaign, I’m not running her campaign. She’s got her own people.”

This isn’t the first time the Alabama senator has refused to back a controversial candidate. He refused to support Roy Moore in his race against Doug Jones “I’ll vote Republican,” he said, “but I will probably write in a good candidate.”