Desperate For An Audience, Trump Crashes Memorial Services At Mar-a-Lago

Trump is desperate for an audience and constant praise which is why he is wandering into memorial services and delivering remarks at Mar-a-Lago.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported, “He’ll show up to anything. In recent weeks, Trump has popped into engagement parties and memorial services. A Mar-a-Lago member who recently attended a club gathering for a deceased friend was surprised when Trump sauntered in to deliver remarks and then hung around, apparently enjoying himself. This insular feedback loop, amplified by the worshipful validation he gets for doing Newsmax or OAN TV hits, doesn’t appear likely to diminish as he settles into his New Jersey golf club for the summer and prepares to resume his trademark rallies.”

Like a cult that can’t survive without its leader, much of the Republican Party has moved to Florida to be close to Trump. The failed one-term president has set up his own little fantasyland in Mar-a-Lago, but not even the people who clap for him when he enters a room are enough to replace the presidency.

Donald Trump was booted from the biggest stage of them all. He was swept out of office and dumped in a way that few modern presidents have. Trump is ever the loser who pretends like he is a winner.

The man is so desperate for attention and love that he crashes memorial services and delivers remarks just for the applause.

Trump is banished, and it is fitting that the most captive audience he can find is among the non-living.