House Judiciary Committee Warns DOJ: Fire The Trumpers Or Else

House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) warned the DOJ that they have a short window to clean out the Trumpers or the Judiciary Committee will act.

Chairman Nadler said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

I am grateful that Inspector General Horowitz has committed to investigating both cases. His work here will be invaluable. An investigation by his office is, however, no substitute for swift action by the Department of Justice.

The Committee has been in communication with DOJ, and we have made our position clear. The Department has a very short window to make a clean break from the Trump era on this matter. We expect the Department to provide a full accounting of these cases, and we expect the Attorney General to hold the relevant personnel accountable for their conduct. If the Department does not make substantial progress towards these two goals, then we on the Judiciary Committee will have no choice but to step in and do the work ourselves.

Chairman Nadler could not have been more clear. Either the DOJ gets their house in order quickly, or the House Judiciary Committee will step in and do it for them. Judiciary is one of the most powerful committees in Congress. It has oversight power over the Department of Justice.

Nadler could hold hearings, launch an investigation, and even take action against the DOJ budget. Things could get much worse for Garland and the DOJ, so the best thing for the AG to do would be to listen to the growing outcry for him to clean up and clean house in the Department.