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Nicolle Wallace says the DOJ officials who spied on Democrats are still there.

Nicolle Wallace Says The People Who Spied On Democrats Still Work At DOJ

MSNBC‘s Nicolle Wallace said that the real scandal is that the people who carried out the spying on Democrats still work at the Justice Department.


Wallace said, “Top Democrats in the Senate are calling for Barr and sessions to testify before them. Here’s the kicker. There’s more. This unprecedented probe was carried by a cadre of DOJ officials, including that New Jersey prosecutor who The Times describes as having no relevant experience, here’s the true scandal. They still work there. For attorney general Merrick Garland.”

Those DOJ officials must be fired immediately. The watchdog investigation is nice, but the Department of Justice is in serious danger right now. Waiting months or years for an internal review to be completed is not an option. Garland likely already knows who was involved, and all of those officials must be immediately fired.

There is no need for delay. Those involved must be immediately fired.

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