Russian Asset Ron Johnson Calls Joe Biden A Marxist In Fox News Failure

Sen. Ron Johnson, who has been labeled a Russian asset by his congressional colleagues claimed that President Biden is a socialist Marxist.


Johnson said on Fox News, “He’s weak, and don’t ask me to get inside the mind of a liberal, progressive socialist, Marxist like President Biden.”

No one believes that baseball, apple pie, Mr. stars and stripes forever Joe Biden is Marxist

One thing that is true is that Ron Johnson laundered Russian propaganda through his committee before Democrats took control of the Senate in an effort to help Donald Trump during the 2020 election. Sen. Johnson has also been labeled a Russian asset by several of his congressional colleagues.

Caring about working people and the middle class is not Marxism or socialism. Biden has done nothing to interfere with the free market.

If this is the attack that Republicans are going to run with in 2022, they are going to lose. The former president from their party literally incited a domestic terror attack on the Capitol, so they have no standing to try to claim that Joe Biden is a Marxist.

Ron Johnson better talk to Putin about a retirement villa on the Russian coast, because this sort of talk could signal the end of his time in the Senate.