Macron Humiliates Trump One Last Time As He Can’t Hide His Joy Over Biden Being President

French President Macron could hide his happiness to have Biden in the White House when a reporter asked him if America is back.


In case, you can’t make out the exchange in the video, CNN Kaitlan Collins tweeted:

The G7 has gone from death grip handshakes between Macron and Trump to talk of the strength of the EU and US partnerships with its allies.

America is back and has resumed its place as the world’s leader. The rest of the world, outside of Trump’s dictator pals, trusts the United States again, and international approval of the US reversed has reversed itself from the previous four years.

The picture tells it all. Macron and Biden sitting closely together talking about partnership is a complete reversal from the guy who cozied up to dictators and tried to ruin US alliances.

Macron humiliated Trump before on the world stage, and he is got in one last kiss-off to the failed former president at the G7.