Biden Leads The G7 In Taking Steps To Improve The World Economy

The 2021 G7 summit for US President Joe Biden and the leaders of seven democracies is coming to a close. At the top of the docket: Biden’s “Building Back Better” plan for the world. In addition, leaders discussed the pandemic, climate change, and the economy.

From Cornwall, the G7 has already taken steps to improve the growth and development of the world’s economies.

President Biden said today that they would meet the US amount of half a billion doses. Two hundred million doses were expected by the end of 2021 and 300 million thereafter.

The US is also planning for an “equitable global economy.” These seven countries are committed to meeting infrastructure needs in the developing world as well. This partnership, he says, is “values-driven” and set to be more transparent in the coming years.

Biden’s first foreign press conference follows a new ABC News/Ipsos poll. Americans, according to that poll, are confident in Biden’s handling of world affairs.

More than half also say that improving international relationships is a top foreign policy priority. However, only half of the people polled felt comfortable with Biden’s ability to negotiate with Putin. Even more surprising: only 3% of Republicans polled say “things have gotten stronger.” Compare that to 74% of Democrats.

The president notes, nevertheless, that America is back in its seat at the international table.

After the G7 meeting on Sunday, President Biden also outlined the following statements:

  • Biden says that the US is not looking for conflict with Russia. However, he also indicated that he has responded to Russian aggression and will make it clear.
  • The G7 included more discussions on Chinaand the competition that democracies and autocrats have. However, Biden was clear again that the US is not seeking conflict.
    • Biden also said that China needs to act more responsibly when it comes to human rights and transparently.
  • President Biden also says that global vaccine distribution may not bridge the 11 billion vaccines needed by 2022.

Biden said that the US and Russia should be working together on vital assistance in places like Libya. “Russia has bitten off some problems they will have trouble chewing on,” Biden said. He hopes that Russia and the US can find common ground.

Of course, he also noted that it has only been about 140 days and that he needs time.