Biden Told Republicans To Their Faces That He Won’t Sell Out Working Class People For Bipartisan Deal

Speaker Pelosi said that she has been in the room and heard Biden tell Republicans that he won’t trade his vision for America for a bipartisan deal.


Speaker Pelosi said on CNN‘s State Of The Union, “I have heard [The President] say with Republicans in the room, let’s figure out what we can agree on, on infrastructure. Let’s see if we can come to a reasonable amount of money to get that work done, but I have no intention of abandoning the rest of my vision about the better – Building Back Better.“

In other words, Biden isn’t going to sell out the American people in exchange for being able to say that he got a bipartisan deal on infrastructure. President Biden is negotiating in good faith, but the bipartisan deal that the ten Senators negotiated is not compatible with the President’s vision. It leaves the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations in place and pays for infrastructure by taking COVID relief money away from the states.

Republicans and some of their Democratic friends in the Senate don’t get it. Biden and Pelosi are trying to help the working and middle-class, not the wealthy, and they aren’t going to let rich people keep their tax cuts at the expense of everyone else.