Netanyahu Officially Ousted From Power: Next Stop Prison

Netanyahu was officially removed from power by a Knesset vote, which means there is nothing stopping him from going to prison if he is convicted of bribery and corruption.

ABC News reported, “Benjamin Netanyahu has been ousted as Israel prime minister, and Naftali Bennet is now the PM following Knesset vote.”

Netanyahu pulled out all of the stops to try to stay in power. He had been hanging on by a threat after he caused turmoil in the country with multiple elections that resulted in deadlocks over forming a new government.

Finally, Netanyahu’s luck ran out after a coalition of opposition parties agreed to form a government. As his bribery and corruption trial is going on, Netanyahu went on a Trump-style rant about election rigging and the media.
In the end, pulling from authoritarian from Mar-a-Lago’s playbook did him no good. If Netanyahu is convicted of bribery, his next home will be a prison.

The parallels between Trump and his buddy Bibi are striking, and they have now both ended up out of power and could find themselves behind bars.