Snake In The Grass Rod Rosenstein Plays Dumb On DOJ Spying On Democrats

Even though he would have been in charge of the investigation, former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein claims to know nothing about DOJ spying on Democrats.

CNN reported:

Ex-top Trump Justice Department official Rod Rosenstein has told people in recent days he was not aware of a subpoena that targeted the data of Democratic members of Congress while he was deputy attorney general, a source familiar with Rosenstein told CNN on Saturday.

The attorney general at the time of the Apple subpoena, Jeff Sessions, was recused from all matters related to the Russia probe, so a related leak investigation would have fallen under Rosenstein, CNN has reported. Former Attorney General Bill Barr, who took office a year after the subpoena was issued, also said Friday he does not recall discussing a probe of lawmakers.

Rosenstein and Bill Barr are playing dumb. There is no way that they could not have known about the spying operation on Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee, their staffs, and their families.

Rosenstein would have been in charge of the investigation while Jeff Sessions was Attorney General and Barr renewed the subpoenas multiple times.

America already learned about Rod Rosenstein when he handcuffed the Muller investigation, and then lined up behind Trump and Barr to shut Mueller down.

AG Garland must fire the DOJ officials who carried out the spying operation, and both the House and the Senate investigations will subpoena Rosenstein because he is not telling the truth about what was really going on at the Justice Department.