Biden Just Blasted Trump And GOP Phonies In Front Of The World At NATO

President Biden pulled no punches as he told the world that the Republican Party is diminished in numbers and called them out for supporting Trump and his phony populism.

Video of Biden describing to the world the state of the Republican Party:

President Biden said when asked about world leaders being unsure about American stability after the 1/6 attack, “I think that they have seen things happen as we have that shocked them and surprised them it could have happened, but I think they like I do, believe the American people are not going to sustain that kind of behavior. And so I — you know, I don’t want to get into the statistics because that old phrase of Disraeli, there’s three kinds of lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics. But I think it’s appropriate to say that the Republican Party is vastly diminished in numbers, the leadership of the Republican Party is fractured, and the Trump wing of the party is the bulk of the party, but it makes up a significant minority of the American people.”

A little later, Biden called Trump a phony populist:

The President said, “I think — it is a shock and surprise that what’s happened in terms of the consequence of President Trump’s phony populism has happened. And it is disappointing that so many of my Republican colleagues in the Senate, who I know better, have been reluctant to take on, for example, an investigation because they’re worried about being primaried, but at the end of the day, we’ve been through periods like this in American history before. Where there has been this reluctance to take a chance on your re-election because of the nature of your party’s politics at the moment. I think this is passing. I don’t mean easily passing. That’s why it’s so important that I succeed in my agenda.”

After the 1/6 attack, part of President Biden’s job is to reassure the world that America is in stable hands and can be trusted to lead.

It is rare for a president to use the global stage to directly repudiate the activities of the opposition party, but America has never had a sitting president mastermind an attack on the United States government to overturn an election.

President Biden is telling the world that the Trump Republicans don’t represent the majority of the American people.

Biden called out Trump’s phony populism, the Republican enablers, and the domestic terror cell that is the backbone of the GOP.