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Opinion: Disgusting Trump Is Still Being Protected By the DOJ

Donald Trump enjoyed a level of protection from the Department of Justice no regular American could ever hope to receive, and now that there is a new sheriff in town under a new Administration, he is still being protected by the Justice Department.

No doubt millions of Americans breathed a sigh of relief when Trump was defeated in the 2020 election, and likely they celebrated that maybe now the long arm of the law would catch up to the most corrupt politician in American history. When President Biden nominated Merrick Garland to run the DOJ as Attorney General, many hoped he would get to work administering justice for all of Trump’s crimes; but that just isn’t happening.

It is true that Attorney General Garland isn’t like his predecessor serving as President Biden’s personal attack dog, and he claims to be hard at work protecting the right to vote. However, as important as that task is, it will be long and arduous because it will crawl through the judicial system at a snail’s pace until the conservatives on the Supreme Court kill it with extreme prejudice. It seems though, that the Justice Department personnel and the Attorney General should be capable of multi-tasking and putting out some effort to execute justice against Trump instead of protecting and covering for him.

The latest outrage, and it is an outrage, are reports that another federal agency under the Biden Administration is joining the DOJ in protecting Trump from a congressional investigation regarding Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel.

The issue Democrats are investigating is whether or not “Trump was using the government-leased operation to profit off his presidency.

The obvious answer is of course he profited off his position, but congressional Democrats are being stonewalled by the General Services Administration (GSA) by “keeping a tight grip on documents Democrats are seeking … and holding back some of the material from congressional investigators and seeking to keep it from becoming public.”

It is worth noting that President Biden pledged there would be transparency in his Administration, but apparently not where Donald Trump’s corrupt acts are concerned.

According to the GSA associate administrator, Gianelle E. Rivera, the materials congress is seeking are exempt from being released. In a letter to congressional Democrats, Ms. Rivera wrote:

These materials contain trade secrets or confidential commercial or financial information that is exempt from public release under the Freedom of Information Act or other applicable laws or regulations. Therefore, you must not copy, share, distribute, or otherwise disclose the information in any manner, without prior coordination and approval from GSA.”

Trade secrets, confidential commercial or financial information? Seriously? What a monumental crock!

This so-called “deal” involved government property bought and paid for by American citizens. If this male bovine excrement is the Biden Administration’s idea of transparency then the only thing different from the previous administration is the person sitting in the Oval Office. Congress and the American people are not interested in how Donald Trump ran his hotels, but they damn sure need to know how he profited off his political office.

This nonsense about the Biden Administration protecting and covering for Trump is becoming a recurring theme. Instead of focusing on a Trump ordered attempted coup d’etat and insurrection against the United States, the Department of Justice is leaving it up to Congress to investigate who incited an honest-to-dog seditious conspiracy against the lawful government. Oh it’s true the Justice Department is prosecuting the foot-soldiers who did Trump’s dirty work, but that is hardly executing justice.

Add to that  dereliction of duty, it was reported a few weeks ago that Merrick Garland is continuing in Bill Barr’s footsteps by blocking release of a secret memo Barr used to allegedly exonerate Trump in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. It was also reported the the Department of Justice is stepping up to protect Trumpagainst a lawsuit by writer E. Jean Carroll who accused him (the sexual predator) of rape.”

All of this covering for Trump is a bad portent that the latest outrage, that Trump spied on and seized private communications of members of Congress and journalists, will be swept under the rug. Of course Congress may try to get to the bottom of a Trump-directed Stasi operation, but like investigating the instigators of the attempted coup against the government, it is not their job.

One would think that after four horrid and catastrophic years of secrecy and corruption the Biden Administration would move proverbial Heaven and solid Earth to exhibit true transparency and see that justice is meted out.

Apparently that is not the case and it is beyond disappointing – it is a disgusting sign that the only difference between the last administration and the Biden Administration is the person running the DOJ and his boss in the Oval Office. It is time for  executing justice; not protecting corruption and treason.

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