Prior to Biden/Putin Meeting Russian State TV Aired Interview With Insurrectionist Who Put His Feet up on Pelosi’s Desk

Vladimir Putin already realizes that Joe Biden is going to be much tougher on him than Donald Trump ever was. While Trump acted life a fawning fan towards the Russian president, Biden has called him a killer to his face.

The two men will soon be meeting. And Russian State TV is working overtime to make Putin look strong and Biden look weak. As part of that effort, the Kremlin propaganda machine is promoting the Trump insurrectionists as patriots. One channel even interviewed Richard “Bigo” Barnett, a man famous for putting his feet up on Nancy Pelosi‘s desk during the riots. Barnett’s lawyer Andrew McBride also joined in on the talk.

The Daily Beast reports, “Barnett, a self-proclaimed white nationalist, was introduced as a ‘colorful’ individual, the same expression Putin frequently uses to describe Trump. McBride welcomed Rossiya-1 special correspondent Valentin Bogdanov into his office and FaceTimed his client, who appeared cheerful and at ease at his Arkansas ranch, flashing a big smile and showing off his car collection.”

The story continued, “Bogdanov introduced Barnett, who was arrested following the Capitol raid and subsequently released pending trial, as ‘an American patriot’ who protested against ‘the stolen election.’ The network showcased clips from his exploits at the Capitol, where he wielded a stun-gun, stole mail from Pelosi’s office, and left a threatening note to the House Speaker.”

These kind of tricks are nothing new for the Kremlin. Luckily, Joe Biden is not the kind of leader who will be intimidated by them.

You can read the full report here