WATCH: Neal Katyal Says That if Weisselberg Doesn’t Cooperate, He Has to Worry About Trump Flipping on Him

While a fair amount of his business career has taken place in court rooms, Donald Trump has spent the last 4 years immune from prosecution. That protection, though is now over and Trump has to face the music in New York and Georgia.

Things are moving faster in Trump’s hometown. The state of New York recently announced that the case against the Trump Organization is a criminal one. And on Tuesday, it was reported that Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg could be indicted by the summer.

During a Tuesday night appearance on MSNBC, Neal Katyal explained why Weisselberg has little choice but to cooperate. The former White House lawyer told Joy Reid, “I think prosecutors here know one other thing, which is that Allen Weisselberg knows where all the keys to the kingdom are. 

The former White House lawyer continued:

“So, most normal companies have a compliance office that deals with all these questions. Not the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization’s compliance office was basically, like, a giant sharpie drawing of the presidential seal or something like that. So, it’s really all up to Weisselberg. And so, if they can flip Weisselberg and I suspect they can because of that dynamic that Michael Cohen was just revealing, this kind of prisoner’s dilemma where if Weisselberg doesn’t cooperate, he’s got to worry that Trump may turn on him. Each of them has to worry about that and that becomes a race to get information and that’s why I think ultimately bad news for Trump.”

Donald Trump has always been willing to turn on former friends once they’re no longer useful. Weisselberg will soon have an interesting decision to make.


Todd Neikirk

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