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The Noose Tightens Around Trump As His CFO Could Be Criminally Charged By Summer

Prosecutors in Manhattan may be ready to charge Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg with criminal counts by summer.

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The New York Times reported that prosecutors are turning up the heat and Weisselberg could be charged soon:

The Manhattan district attorney’s office appears to have entered the final stages of a criminal tax investigation into Donald J. Trump’s long-serving chief financial officer, Allen H. Weisselberg, setting up the possibility he could face charges this summer, according to people with knowledge of the matter.


Even if Mr. Weisselberg chooses not to assist the investigation into his boss, charges against him could portend trouble for Mr. Trump, signaling that the prosecutors have identified what they believe is misconduct at his family business.

Prosecutors would have to be blind to not find wrongdoing in the Trump family business because cheating appears to be the Trump family business. Trump thought that he was smart for dodging taxes and lying about the value of his assets, but the walls appear to be closing in on the failed former president.

Michael Cohen knows where the bodies are buried, but Allen Weisselberg dug the graves. Those who know Weisselberg have suggested that if he is criminally charged he will try to save himself.

The news is nothing but bad for the man who suffered the worst incumbent presidential election defeat since Jimmy Carter in 1980. The criminal investigation is gaining steam and prosecutors appear to be getting their hooks ready to reel in the big orange fish.

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