Joe Biden Wins The Summit By Making Putin Respect America Again

No matter what policy outcomes eventually emerge, Joe Biden won the summit with Putin by restoring respect to America.

President Biden gave a big smile as a US reporter asked Putin why he fears opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Jennifer Jacobs asked the question to Putin:

At the press conference following the summit with Biden, Putin’s tone was much different compared to Helsinki debacle with Trump:

President Biden has replaced Putin’s hand-picked lap dog in the Oval Office. Republicans were hoping that the Biden-Putin summit would fail, but it has delivered the biggest success possible.

President Biden’s first foreign trip has been a smashing success. Unlike the rambling carnival of toxicity, humiliation, conflict, and failure under the last guy, Biden has returned the United States back to its spot as the world’s greatest superpower.

There is much work to be done, but President Biden showed that he is the president who can fix what went so wrong over the previous four years.

America is back, and Putin has been back in his place and is forced to respect the United States president.